The Best Self Care Products to Honor Your Body

During challenging times, and at any time really, our body deserves some love and attention. That will reflect on our mental health as well no doubt. Some self care products make it more manageable to honor this earthly vessel of ours. Here are some of them only available at Home Outlet Beirut, your destination for online shopping in Lebanon. 

1. Ari By Ariana Grande Body Lotion

Nothing says luxury more than the self care routines of the stars. This body lotion will be do wonders for your skin. With a selection of scents like crispy pear and marshmallow, it will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 


2. Ari by Ariana Grande Gift Set

The creations of Ariana will never fail to make us feel better about ourselves. This lovely set includes Bubble Bath and EDP Roller-ball. The luscious and sexy fragrance opens with sparkling fruits and an ultra-feminine floral scent, passionately spun with musk, woods, and an addictive hint of marshmallow. This set includes 16 oz Bubble Bath and 0.25 oz Roller-ball.


3. 21 Drops: Organic Essential Oils Wellness Set

With the late craze about essential oil lately, one can't help but hop on the trend and try it. And for those who did, you can't deny that essential oils can be relaxing and healing. This colorful set from 21 Drops has a collection of scents that will transport you to a relaxing vacation destination. The scents include: Detox, Focus, Abstain, Sleep, Headache, De-Stress, Immunity. 

4. King Platinum TriCool Pillow


We all know that feeling of a refreshing wake up after a goodnight's sleep. Good sleep is an important element of self care, and it can't be done without top quality pillows like the Platinum TriCool pillow. 

5. Shills - Natural Science Black Mask

After a long day at work, walking around in the sun, being exposed to all the dust and heat, our face requires some care. This mask guarantees a smooth and clean skin, and is perfect for your skin care routine. Besides, peeling it will always be satisfying. 

See anything you like? Explore our Beauty section and spice up your self care routine with original products all from the USA at Home Outlet.  

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