Top 5 Products to Up Your Home Security

In consequence to the political and economic instability, Lebanon is getting more dangerous by the day. Therefore it is important to take precautionary measures and ensure the safety of you and your family by shopping online as a result of the quarantine restrictions. In response to the troubling situation, Home Outlet offers the best tech gadgets to ensure you have fulfilled your home security measures and keep you at ease.

1. Spy Camera Charger

This hidden camera adapter is the perfect home security gadget to discreetly record anything going on in your house. Though small in size, this camera has many desirable features including motion detection, and removable memory as well as a wide angle view!

2. Netgear Arlo 2 Camera HD Security System

You can never be “too safe”, particularly in these situations. So what’s better than one camera? Two! The wireless feature of this item allows for an easier and less costly installation.

3. CUJO AI Smart Internet Security Firewall

Cyber security is a troubling topic that not many are aware of or at least talking about. Keep your personal data safe with this smart internet security firewall, it will protect your network from viruses and hacking.

4. Home Zone Motion Activated Security LED Light

Avoid night break-ins with this motion activated security LED light. Its 240 degree detection covers a wide area and vital for home security at night.

5. Home Zone Motion Activated LED Security Light

Different in design, this motion sensor covers a 180 degrees with adjustable detection feature up to 15m/50ft.

With this sample list of home security items, we hope you and your family ride through the storm safely. These gadgets are just samples of what Home Outlet has in store for you. Make sure to check the rest of our electronics brands for some more useful items.

From tech gadgets to shoes, Home Outlet Lebanon is the only online shopping outlet you’ll need.



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