What is A Pulse Oximeter and Why You Need One At Home

The moment we think COVID-19 is gonna be over, the situation gets worse. We find ourselves looking for convenient solutions and products that help us stay healthy. It is interesting how this pandemic changed our purchasing behavior, our priorities and everything in between. Many of us stocked up on masks, sanitizer, but we often forget important products like oximeters. 

Now, what is a Pulse Oximeter and why you need one at home?

Here's the gist!

What is a Pulse Oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is an electronic device that you place on one's finger to measure the heart rate and the oxygen saturation in red blood cells.

This device is usually used and demanded by patients with lung disease. However, due to COVID-19, many oximeters started flying off of the shelves. Why you might wonder? SImply, because people wanted to monitor their oxygen levels to detect coronavirus early on. As you may know, shortness of breath and logically dangerously low oxygen levels are symptoms of the virus. For the purpose of being super careful and health conscious, you need to monitor your oxygen levels at home. 

Why Do You Need a Pulse Oximeter at Home During COVID? 

While many doctors are still debating about the necessity of this purchase, we will give you one reason: "Better safe than sorry!". Early detection of COVID-19 as a precaution will help prevent further development of the virus and the need for ventilators. 

However, some doctors and people argue that with everything happening around, the anxiety of checking your oxygen blood levels is too much. But, it is still more manageable than the anxiety of not knowing which can be crippling for many. 

Metene Pulse Oximeter 

Many might think that an oximeter is going to be a medium to large sized device that will be too overwhelming to use. But our Metene oximeter is the complete opposite. 

It is a clip sized device that you can place on your finger to digitally measure your heart rate and oxygen saturation. What is so special about this brand? 
Metene Pulse Oximeter has the following bestselling attributes:

  1. Accurate and Reliable. It uses the most advanced MCU chip and sensor, blood oxygen signal is collected by photoelectric sensing principle. This means that it needs 5-8 seconds to get your measurements
  2. User Friendly Design. Metene has a high quality acrylic panel that's easy to read. Also, it is compact and unique with a one button automatic operation.
  3. Lightweight and Portable. It is pocket sized and easy to carry which is super convenient. 

How Can You Order this Oximeter?

It is very simple. You can order it through Home Outlet's online shopping website in Lebanon via this link here. Or you can whatsapp us on 76 444 544. Keep in mind that we have 50 oximeters in stock and our personal shoppers are always available on WhatsApp to answer all your question before and after purchase. 

Up your health game and order this oximeter!

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