Generace Identity: Vyhlášení války (Czech Edition)
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Generace Identity: Vyhlášení války (Czech Edition)


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Denying the rights of European nations to their own heritage,
history and even the physical existence of their homelands themselves has
become an integral part of the ideology of the postmodern West. Mass immigration,
selective annoying propaganda and a steady stream of perverted - or at
least meaningless - "consumer cultures" have steered Europe on a path to non-existence.
Its original inhabitants mostly became isolated, uprooted and disoriented individuals,
increasingly deceived by the political system with little interest in the people
it controls. There are many views on the causes of this situation, but the May 1968
student riots in the West undoubtedly play a significant role in creating the
apolitical self-destructive situation in which Europe now finds itself.

However, you did not get your hands on a history textbook. 
The author does not pay so much attention to the description and analysis of
the path to our current marasmus as to what can and must be done with it -
and above all who will do it. After the betrayal of political, journalistic and
academic pseudo-elites and the indifferent inaction of the whole generation of
Europeans who made it possible, the task of changing direction lies with the main
victims of the derailment of Western society - the young.

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