The Case for God - Belief Verses Science?
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The Case for God - Belief Verses Science?


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In the twenty-first century, there is a battle raging over the hearts and minds of our people, especially for the education of our children in scientific fields. Christians have become concerned that science has appeared to be a realm meant primarily for nonbelievers. This book was written to help change that perception!
Dr. G.A. Rogers is a former senior flight surgeon for the Department of Defense and NASA. He was the chief of aerospace medicine at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, where he had astronauts among his patients. He has been trained by a great variety of scientific personnel at locations ranging from medical school to Kennedy Space Center.
Dr. Rogers has taken his combined educational concepts and applied them to both the Holy Bible and the universe. He considers science to be the very expression of God's work within our universe. He takes equations like E = mC2 to reveal the beauty of our existence. He looks into the concept of Black Holes as principles for our actions, as revealed in the Bible itself. His approach to the scientific evidence even reveals how the space-time continuum from the Big Bang was derived by God!
The reader will walk through the halls of science to learn how scientists from Sir Isaac Newton to Albert Einstein and beyond have discovered amazing technological concepts. Then see how these scientific breakthroughs actually relate to the Word of God for our time and even to prophecies of the Last Days!
This book was designed to illuminate the mind of those who trust in God as the Creator of all things!

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